Peter Harksell III

- Fabricator, mechanic, electrical nut and general problem solver - joined the crew in 2006

Follow Pete on Twitter and Instagram @PureVisionPete

Kelly Cox

- Fabricator, plastics guy and super detail freak - joined the crew in 2006

You can follow Kelly..... if you know where he lives.....

Troy Bray

- We're not sure what he does yet, but he's keeping busy! - joined the crew in 2015

Founding member of CPW car club with expertise in Mopar Performance (stock and modified)


- We are looking for somebody to fill this spot in the Pure Vision family.  


The Extended Family:

    Brandon Smith: 2011-2014

       -@brando_s left to focus on his sheet metal skills.

    Mitch Hedrick: 2008-2014

       -Mitch has finally officially retired and is moving to Oregon.

    Aron Cranford: 2010-2011

       -@tungstenkiller still does our exhaust work as Ace'd Auto Worx

    Sean O'Hanlon: 2006-2009

       -Decided cars were his hobby not his career, moved to Ohio and got married.