1969 Dodge Charger

As our story goes...... In 1969 a talented European race team technician fell in love with and purchased a brand new Dodge Charger and had it shipped to Italy.  Over the course of the next few years the car’s mechanical parts were exchanged with parts taken from, or influenced by the European race cars that this technician regularly worked on. Most of the influences came from the Ferrari marquee, but there are also hints of Lola and Jaguar.

Starting with the suspension and steering, the stock components were exchanged for a tubular control arm set up with adjustable coil over shocks and a more responsive rack and pinion steering system. The rear leaf springs were also exchanged for a more "advanced" triangulated 4-link system, also hung by adjustable coil over shocks.  Tall skinny tires and narrow rims gave way to much wider rolling stock with rims based off the Lola T-70, and the factory drum brakes were replaced with a 4-wheel disc set up. 

The engine/trans combination is now a lightweight, highly responsive system. Three sets of two barrel Weber IDA 48 carburetors crown a beautiful 515cid all aluminum engine. Power is ushered through a aluminum case A-833 4-speed to a 8 ¾ rear axle.  The exhaust is made up of large diameter tube headers feeding into a 3” stainless chambered exhaust.

The cabin was also transformed from showroom stock to Italian cockpit. Instantly you notice the right hand drive set up. Hand made touches abound! Larger, bold face gauges set in a performance inspired dash keep you informed, while lightweight seating, a competition styled steering wheel, and adjustable pedals complete the race breed image.

The 515-GTB made its public debut in the Mopar Performance booth at the 2008 SEMA show. Check out more on the car at www.PurposeBuilt.com


The 515-GTB Charger running out behind the Pure Vision shop.

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Quick demo of the air jacks lifting our 515-GTB Charger off the ground.

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AT&T introduced the new Fuze phone and came by Pure Vision to shoot the commercial.

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Hub Garage finds us at SEMA 2008 to see our 515-GTB 1969 Charger project completed!

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Hub Garage stopped by to check out the assembly on our 515-GTB Charger project.

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Hub Garage stopped by to check out the fab work on our 1969 Charger.

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Hub Garage stops by to check out our 515 GTB Charger project.

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