'68 Concept Charger


1968 Dodge Charger


This beautiful 1968 Dodge Charger was unveiled in the Sherwin Williams Automotive Finishes booth during SEMA 2013!  Even hidden away in the North Hall, it created enough of a buzz that the SEMA Show organizers asked it back the following year to help promote the new SEMA Garage with a booth in the main entry way.

The car is a "what if" design, imagining what a pre-production promotional vehicle might have looked like during 1967 if Dodge were taking it out to the track to build public hype about the new '68 Chargers. 









February 1st 1967





      This year Dodge is turning up the fever! Dodge and the NHRA have got something special planned for the fans.


      At each 1967 NHRA National event (Four in all), Dodge will be showing off our “new for 68” redesigned Charger! 


      That stylish four bucket seat interior is now wrapped in bold new sheet     metal. And that’s not all!  Dodge swayed custom car builder Pure Vision to join the rebellion!  Pure Vision has specially prepared the new Charger with all the right go-fast-goodies to perform high speed exhibition runs down the strip. Of course the Charger will be HEMI powered and backed by our race proven 4 speed transmission and heavy duty Dana rear axle. Our new Dodge Charger is no wall flower! It wants to go, go, go!


      So head out to the NHRA drags this year and be one of the first to see our new Charger in action.  You’re sure to catch Dodge fever and be a part of the rebellion!





A look at our 68 Charger Concept with David Kidd from Sherwin Williams / Planet Color paints during SEMA.

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Miller Welders sits down with Steve Strope to find out more about Pure Vision!

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