Anvil Mustang


1969 Ford Mustang

The big story here at Pure Vision for 2010 was creating and building the Anvil Mustang. If you are into Pro-Touring, then you should know the Anvil name! Anvil Auto are makers of high quality carbon fiber body panels and components. Anvil has honored Pure Vision with the opportunity to build the Anvil ‘69 Mustang that served as the launch of a new line of carbon fiber body parts for the ‘69-‘70 Ford Mustang! Pro-Touring Mustang owners rejoice! The car was unveiled in Anvil Auto’s brand spanking new booth at SEMA 2010 where it won a Best of Show award from Ford.  After scoring multiple magazine features, including a pull out poster in Hot Rod Magazine, the Anvil Mustang was selected to appear in the blockbuster hit movie Fast & Furious 6!



  • JME front suspension - push rod activated cantilever inboard
  • Maier Racing rear suspension - push rod activated cantilever inboard
  • JRI coil over shocks
  • Currie Enterprises - nodular 3rd member
  • Flaming River electric power steering, rack & pinion, U-joints and shafts
  • Baer Brakes - 6 piston calipers, 14" Rotors


  • Jon Kaase Boss 9 punched to 521 cid – 805hp
  • Electromotive hidden ignition & fuel injection system
  • Modern Driveline Tremic 5spd, Kevlar clutch, Quick Time bell housing.
  • Fuel Safe - fuel cell


  • EVOD Industries - One of kind rims patterned after late 60's Indy car Michelin PSII Front 275/35ZR18 Rear 345/30ZR19


  • Mick's Paint


  • Eric Thorsen Custom Upholstery


  • Redline Gauge Works


Steve Strope giving his take on JRI Shocks and why we use them.

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Engine note comparison between the 4-cam Indy engine in our 1966 T-5R and the Boss9 in our 1969 Anvil Mustang.

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Behind the Scenes with the Anvil Mustang and Fast & Furious 6.

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The Anvil Mustang out at Willow Springs for some shake down and a photo shoot.

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Anvil Mustang with Hot Rod Magazine at Willow Springs!

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Watching the Maier Racing inboard shocks in action.

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A little shake down drive around the shop in the Anvil Mustang

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After winning the Ford Best of Show award at SEMA 2010, the Anvil Mustang had to leave the building just like all the other cars.

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Here is a cool interview done live at the 2010 SEMA Show.  V8 TV always does such an amazing job of covering our stuff!  Thank you so much Kevin and Kelle! 

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Tom Nelson came by to make sure the Anvil Mustang was set up properly on initial start up!

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