Black Ops Fairlane


1967 Ford Fairlane

This project was unveiled durring SEMA 2014 in the DYNAMAT booth and recieved the "Best of Show" award from Ford Motor Company!


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The 1967 racing season was coming and Ford wanted to be ready.  R&D was the key!  “To be faster we need to be smarter.”  was the mindset.   This pre-production  1967 Fairlane would have been the result of a top secret group of engineers inside of Ford simply know as Black Ops.  The FMC Black Ops would have developed this car as a performance data acqisituion vehicle.  Since this particular car would never see active race duty it was not chained and confined by the NASCAR or NHRA rule books.  This allowed the usage and testing of things such as driver activated areo, custom suspension set-ups and illegal engines.  The key was to find out what the Fairlane was capable of, learn from it, and apply that knowledge to the actual race cars restrained by the rules.  






Alluminum SOHC big block engine

Quick Change Rear End

Experimental Suspension

Active Aerodynamics

Data Acquisition

Ford Racing Heritage

















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