Keystone Light Project


2010 Chevrolet Camaro

Help Keystone Light bring a fresh look to the new Camaro that is tasteful and based in Chevrolet performance history while utilizing the Keystone Light corporate colors?  That's a tall order, but we think we found it in this!  We refer to it as the Camaro Grand Sport, which is obvious when observing the sweeping Grand Sport stripes on the front fenders.  These are inspired by the original Grand Sport Corvettes and definitely make a bold impression.  Keystone Blue, as we call it, is used on the upper portion of the body.  The Keystone Light logo is placed prominently in the center of the hood.  Key ingredients such as the Bonspeed rims and white powder coated exhaust tips help continue the Grand Sport concept. Solid performance enhancing modifications such as the Hotchkis suspension, Magnuson supercharger, and a new Borla exhaust system drive the theme home.


  • Magnuson supercharger system
  • Bonspeed 20” Big Block rim.  Polished hoop with “as cast” textured gray center to emulate the Halibrand rims used on the original Grand Sport Corvettes
  • Pirelli 275/40ZR20 and 305/35ZR20 Tires
  • Custom Paint by Pete Santini
  • Billet quarter panel “gills” and grille & trunk SS emblems by Anvil Auto
  • R&R the black factory Brembo calipers with RED Brembo calipers
  • Custom Mesh grille, valve covers and rear valance panel by Pure Vision
  • Coil springs, sway bars, and chassis cradle by Hotchkis
  • Exhaust:  Custom side exit exhaust by Borla with tips coated white to simulate white exhaust on Grand Sport Corvette
  • Hurst shifter and ball
  • C.A.G.S. skip shift module by Hurst