Martini T-5R


1966 Ford Mustang


The T-5R #MartiniMustang

In the 60’s, it was common for manufactures like Ford push the boundaries in the arena of motorsports to develop winning combinations.

Our proposal is that a couple of Ford exec’s had a chance business meeting with the owners of the budding Martini Racing team. Perhaps this meeting could have taken place during a European F1 or Rally race. During this conversation, Ford expressed an interest in continued racing of the Mustang in
Europe.  Coming on the heals of the Mustang’s 1-2 finish at the 1964 Tour de France, Ford may also have been interested in doing some “over the road endurance testing” with their promising new Indy 4-Cam engine.  Ford would use their association with Shelby to supply already developed and proven racing parts while Martini would provide Ford the funds for the team.  Thus, Ford could obtain vital feedback for further development of the engine while promoting the Mustang across Europe.

Now for some additional historical reference! The Martini Racing team quickly became synonymous with Porsche and we wanted to give a nod to that heritage by giving a light German angle to the build.  (The gauges are all in German)  Since the German export model of the Mustang was called the T-5 and Ford would be sending basically a race prepped Shelby R model, we figured it would be know as the T-5R.

We have taken the Lotus approach to building this car which is, “To add speed, add lightness.” So, the car features weight savings everywhere possible.  However, we have used parts and technologies from our 60’s time period, opting for materials like fiberglass instead of carbon fiber. A light car means it can use a small light engine to do the job and be better able to overcome the effects of inertia and gravity than a heavy car. The 300 lbs. engine is all aluminum with magnesium covers and oil pan. The CR Racing transmission weighs in at only 63 lbs. All side and rear glass have been exchanged with plexiglass, and the heavy internal door mechanisms have been removed.  Other than the shell and doors, all body panels including bumpers, have been replaced with fiberglass.

The interior is Spartan and set up for rally racing, complete with dash mounted timers, an A-pillar mounted map light, toggle and kill switches, and a navigator’s foot pedestal.

Under the car is where we hide the modern technology. Gone is the old factory suspension, and in its place is a complete suspension from Detroit Speed. This is coupled with Wilwood brakes and one-off rims from Evod Industries that resemble the 4-spoke wheel on the 60’s Ford Lotus Indy cars.  The same cars that ran the 4-cam engine at Indy!



The Martini T-5R Mustang resturns from Mick's Paint for assembly.

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The Indy 4-cam engine on the dyno at Ed Pink Racing Engines!

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Pete shows off the widened Detroit Speed wheel tubs in the 1966 T-5R Martini Mustang.

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Brandon shows you how the Detroit Speed subframe connectors go into the 1966 T-5R Martini Mustang.

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Steve and the racey column from Flaming River used in the Martini T-5R Mustang!

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Steve with a brief overview of the Detroit Speed rear end used in the Martini T-5R Mustang.

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