Nascar Charger


1968 Dodge Charger

When George Poteet asked Pure Vision to build him a 68 Charger, we wanted to design something fast and fun. George also requested that it be easy to work on and maintain. This is what we came up with, a simple, bare bones NASCAR style build.

The interior is composed of a factory steering wheel, 2 bucket seats, a stick shift, and a Chromoly roll cage. No leather or carpet to keep clean here because the entire interior is covered with Zolotone trunk spray. A simple sheet metal dash houses only the necessities for operation. Flip the ignition switch, grab a gear and go!

Of course, if you are going to build a NASCAR style Charger, you need a HEMI. Ours is a stroker 472 cid from Ray Barton, complete with an original factory magnesium race intake manifold. Ponies are shoved through a Keisler prepared Tremic 5-speed trans then off to a built 8 ¾ from Randy’s Ring and Pinion.

For rolling stock we went away from NASCAR and leaned heavy towards vintage Indy. Budnik carved up our 18” and 19”-kidney bean styled Muroc II rims which are fitted with 275/40ZR18 and monstrous 345/30ZR19 Michelin Pilot tires. A fast car needs great brakes and ours comes by the way of Wilwood. Up front are huge 14” rotors with massive 6-piston calipers taken from Wildwood’s new SUV program! Out back are 13” rotors with “normal” 4-piston calipers.

Sure there are numerous subtle details and tons of bitchin’ parts, that’s the Pure Vision way! But in the end, it will still be a gutted 68 Charger with a 4 barrel on a big block, a stick shift, and some really big brakes!


V8TV stops by to get the scoop on our NASCAR inspired '68 Charger.

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