Petrol Charger


1970 Dodge Charger

After watching an Episode of RIDES on TLC, the owners of Petrol Advertising reached out to Steve Strope and visited his Simi Valley shop, Pure Vision, durring December of 2005.  In addition to being avid gearheads, the guys at Petrol wanted to create a tool by which they could introduce the company and their expertise into world of automobile marketing.  Rather than relying on existing materials, Petrol endeavored to leverage its owners’ passion by building a car and marketing it with their unique approach and ethic squarely in focus. 

Once Petrol engaged the crew at Pure Vision, the first decision was what kind of car to find and use as the foundation of the build.  A stalwart of the muscle car era, the Charger presented both a challenge and an opportunity to build with the MOPAR heritage firmly in hand.  The inherent structure of the car, as well as the chance to improve upon an already established brand lent itself well to what Petrol and Pure Vision hoped to accomplish in creating a car like no other.

Beyond taking the car on the road to numerous shows, Petrol’s goal is to make American Muscle cool again.  It should not just be a majority of 40 – 70 year olds who appreciate Mopar Muscle.  Petrol wants to have the opportunity to help spread the obsession to the 18 – 34 year old crowd.  The legacy of these cars is great, but the future should be better.