Road Bee


1970 Plymouth RoadRunner

To be honest, when owner of this mean machine came to us with the request of joining a ’70 Plymouth Road Runner body and a ’69 Dodge Super Bee front clip, we thought he was nuts! But after hanging the sheet metal..... WOW! It looks great! This one is slated to be a driver, but who said daily transportation has to be boring? The "RoadBee" has 520 cubic inches of big block happiness from Hawaii Racing and a Tremic 5-speed to play with just in case the commute gets dull. If traffic won't allow that, there's also Vintage Air and a cabin full of JL Audio components to help with relaxation. Now that’s a win-win situation!  The owner wanted a late ‘70’s “street machine” vibe so dig on those Centerline Auto drags and the Hoosier 31 X 12.5-16 doughnuts. A truck load of repop parts from Year One definately help send this one out of the park!




520ci Big Block Mopar from Hawaii Racing

Tremic 5-speed

Vintage Air

Billet Specialties serpentine drive

Auto Meter gauges

Hotchkis upper A-arms

Eaton dropped leaf springs

MSD Ignition


Gold Coast Custom Inc paint

Eric Thorsen Custom Upholstery leather interior

Just Dashes refurbished dash pads

Flaming River steering column

...a host of other touches from Pure Vision



Our "RoadBee" is a cross between a RoadRunner and a SuperBee!

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